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Are you ready to sin?

Cardano Sinners

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  •      It all begins with a question, what is a Sin? Throughout history no matter the civilization or their spiritual belief, the idea of “Sin” is the quintessence of evil, a trait that must be eradicated from the hearts of man and its growth be prevented at all costs. Making the sinners the outcasts of society.

  •      But what if I were to tell you this is not the case? What if sinners were not to only find their place and their purpose but that they, in oposition to common belief, are at the core of everything!

  •      It is said that the Path to Sin originated from the disobaing decision of eating the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, marking that moment through out history as The Original Sin, the beginning of Free Will.

  •      The Original Sin is the moment mankind gained its free will and started building from small settlements to Glorious Civilizations and Empires all the way to the technology we got today at our disposal by a click of a button. And all of this did not stop here, technology can be described and exemplified in many ways. Medieval tools that helped improve agriculture that later turned into wepons that lead to suffering. From discovering of simple Mathematical functions that helped understand the world to advanced applied mathematics that changed it forever.

  •      Matematics therefore is the pinnacle of knowledge and the greatest gift that the Sinners gave us by devouring the Fruit of Truth. If matematics is the Seed of Knowledge then the mathematicians are the manifestation of the Will of Sin, the Sinners. Mathematicians/Sinners like Gerolamo Cardano and Ada Lovelance that appear in the Prophecy of Sin as the ones that laid the basis of the New World, the World of Sin: The Crypto World!

  •      The Crypto World is the ultimate manifestaiton, the final sign of the Prophecy of Sin, a place where sins like gambling, minting, flipping, crypto addiction and secondary snipings are nothing more than normal day-to-day activities.

  •      The road that left trails of sinful deeds for eons has reached its final destination, where all the signs have been revealed and the path shown in the Propechy of Sin is upon us.

  •      Now that this sinful path lead humanity in all its knowledge all the way to our Crypto World, isn’t it maybe the right time for the Sinners who paved the road all the way to Cardano’s door steps, to finally enter? 

  •      Then let us wait no longer and invite them to step foot inside…


Sinners Journey

ART: 4000x4000, ~150 traits 
Supply - 777 
OG (Evil) - Can mint up to 2/TX before Public.

How do you get OG? Through various contests on Twitter, Collabs and Discord.

Holders Benefits:
-- WL for the following season Q3-2023
(Hold 3 NFTs = 3WLs next season).

-- 1:1 = Canvas + Tshirt + 10 WLs for next season.
-- 100% of the royalties will be redistributed to the community through giveaways.
-- Holders will be able to vote in which direction we will focus with art in the future. 
-- NFTs will contain the 7 sins equally distributed (111 x 7) . If you own them all then you will be able to update one of your NFT with unique traits.



TIPS and short explanation


Our project is based on art, things will continue in a manner as sinful as possible.
We will certainly try to take advantage of the possible technological opportunities that will appear, but without unrealistic hopes.




48 -WL / 58 - Public

Minting Date:

WL - 03 Feb - 16:00 PM UTC
Pub - 03 Feb - 17:00 PM UTC



WL spots:

333 / 2-tx

1 site.png


Owner: DEV


     Engineer for over 10 years, CNFT collector for over 1 year. I have been sinning for over 30 years and I don't intend to stop.




       I finished art school,    I am passionate about art and technology at the same time. Everything is hand-drawn and I tried to bring a rather original style to the Cardano space. Of course, I am also a haven't seen anything yet.


Co-owner: HYPE

2 site.png

    Finance & Banks, actually Dental Medicine Student. Been in the space for over a year. I'm really excited and I believe that everything we're building is the result of our passion for doing the different and the great. Crypto/CNFT enthusiast


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